Build 20247


  • Mortar/Artillery capability added to remote-fire orders on squad- and HC-level
  • LOITER-waypoint type added to HC-Waypoint ContextMenu. Waypoint types now working with AIC (previously forgotten Bug)
  • ForceTracker can be force-disabled for clients in init.sqf >> MCSS_C2_DISABLE_TRACKER = true;


  • Error with new player/enemy check for unstuck function is fixed
  • Mortar/Arty orders no longer clash with waypoint issuing etc
  • Selector-Listbox was not cleared before showing near static weapons
  • TippedOver Static fix now re-boards HC-gunners into static weapon


  • Artillery Orders can now be stacked properly. Hold down shift while clicking on the map to repeat an order on multiple positions
  • SLINGLOAD can now lift from and drop to water positions
  • Tanks can now rotate on slopes although it does not look as nice (its complicated)

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