Build 20248


  • PARADROP actions added to HC functionality


  • Airships that can take off vertically are no longer teleported to Taxi-Position after landing at an airfield
  • Re-arming from a weapon thats lying on the ground (possibly next to the previous owner) will automatically make the unit rearm magazines after grabbing the weapon.




The aircraft needs to be able to load vehicles, have space and be landed. Move the vehicles you want to load close to the aircraft. Open the aircraft’s group-contextMenu on the map (Ctrl+rightClick). Click on the new ‘load vehicle cargo’ contextButton. Select vehicles to load until the aircraft is full (menu closes automatically, or you can close it with ESC)


A new PARADROP option is available as a waypoint option. Place a waypoint for the aircraft’s group and open the WP-contextMenu (rightClick on waypoint icon). Select PARADROP as your waypoint action. C2 automatically selects to discharge loaded vehicles or infantry. Infantry gets a parachute but keeps it’s original backpack. ALTERNATIVELY you can use the group-contextMenu’s button to paradrop at any time you like.

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