What is C2 Command & Control?

ArmA is arguably one of the best mil-sim games out there right now. The AI units play a large part in the ArmA experience, and Bohemia Interactive have done a great job over the years, improving and enhancing the abilities of your AI counterparts.

C2 builds on this great foundation, by offering a range of brand new features and controls, enabling you to use AI in a way never before seen in ArmA.

How can I download it?

There is an official version on Steam. Just go here to subscribe to the C2 mod, and it should simply appear in your mod list next time you open up ArmA 3. 

But if you want the most up-to-date features and functions, we recommend joining our discord community to gain access to the beta releases hot off the keyboard!!

How does C2 enhance my gameplay?

The core functionality of C2 can be broken down into 4 categories:

  • HUD Mode – control your AI units in first person mode¬†
  • Radial Menu – tools and utilities accessed via a central dialog menu system
  • Planning Mode – enables a wider reach of control by combining map and control orders
  • High Command – allows you to manage direct and indirect units via this mode
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