Why does the UI bleed out of the screen?

Due to a design limitation, you need to set your inGame UI size to ‘small’. A little inconvenience but hopefuly acceptable.

The action menu is not working anymore, what happened?

There was a keybind issue. Please open/close radial menu, tablet or map once to fix.

C2 is not displaying my group correctly. What happened?

Some script was too fast or did something unexpected that C2 was not able to pick up on. This should not happen a lot, but you can fix most issues by using the ‘REFRESH’ function.

I disbanded units to the reserve but they disappeared. Where to?

You are most likely playing a mission that was designed to clean up units that are far from the player. The reserve is not a part of the player’s group and was therefore mislabeled as garbage to be collected.

Why does the helicopter not fly to precise positions every time?

Could be many things. The landing area could be obstructed. Landing at airfields can make pilots refuse to land on their designated pad and choose MAP-pads instead.

Why can I not order helos to a position where they can slingload? They are always off!

This is too complex to explain, but just know there is reasons that I will be able to overcome in time.

Helicopters do not always act as expected.

There is a chance that you are not giving it enough space. At the moment, every waypoint has a completion radius of 800m. This is to assure a fluid flight path over multiple waypoints, which was considered the priority at the time. Issuing waypoints with a distance lower than this will not lead to desired results currently. In the future the radius will be lowered for SINGLE/FINAL waypoints, assuring smooth travel but also guarantee the precision you see in the RAPPEL waypoints.

I installed C2 on my dedi and it throws up a bunch of errors.

C2 is client only. You do not need it on the server, simply adding the key does the trick.

I can not draw maplines with C2

This is only if the planning interface/overlay is opened. Close it with C to draw the mapline. This may not be ideal, but the CTRL+LMB bind and drawing function were introduced recently and all SHIFT CTRL and ALT have functions on the map. Without the overlay you will draw lines, with the overlay you can sync and loop waypoints.

I lost control over my NUMPAD controls.

Please open the radial menu and open it’s preferences (above groupname). Then turn off ‘NUM KEYS’.

This game is bugged.

It wasn’t us 😀



There are two levels of stance commands in ArmA 3: Engine (player controls) and Scripted (C2).

Engine stance is what you reach with X-7-7 (crouch) for example. These commands have priority over scripted commands, meaning that they will override any orders you make with C2.


It is best practice to always remain in „AUTO“ on engine level and use C2 to manage your unit‘s stances, as you have full flexibility across the different interfaces. Only use engine level stances to purposely force the unit to break from it‘s scripted orders, for example go prone until an immediate threat is taken care of – then set it to „AUTO“ again.

Known Issues

This lists the current known issues, but is not a historical log of previous issues:

Action menu not working? Just bring up the radial menu or planning tool once to make it go away.

Anything not working or displayed correctly? Use the refresh function.

Some missions can interfere with the reserve function (i.e. classify units as obsolete and delete them)

Some missions can break the addon by removing keybinds. This and most other bugs can be tackled by using C2’s refresh function (available in radial menu and planning tablet).

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