C2 – Command And Control is a powerful tool for ARMA 3 that provides easy access to an arsenal of AI-commands for a player-led squad.

ArmA 3 handles individual AI movement very well, but forces the player to micromanage as soon as plans require coordination. C2 tackles this issue and is especially useful to plan complex routes or achieve MOUT style fireteam movements.

C2 works with both infantry and vehicles and presents the addition to ArmA 3’s movement controls that you need for an authentic experience. The idea is to give your AI access to your very own thought process.

This addon is inspired by the games: Ghost Recon, Full Spectrum Warrior, Rainbow Six, Door Kickers.


The default CBA-configured controls are as follows:

GTI GRENADE (PLAYER)H (if units are selected, remote grenadier func is used)
EXIT C2-ZEUS-RemoteL-Shift + Y


Please note:

  • C2_SHIFT and C2_ALT are ONLY relevant when in HUD-MODE.
  • Keybinds are managed by CBA-keybinds instead of the User-Action_Keys. The old controls using the ‘User Action Keys’ is no longer in use.


C2 offers powerful control modes to enhance your ability to control what happens on the battlefield:

HUD Mode

Radial Menu

Planning Mode

High Command

HUD Mode adds a responsive overlay to your first/third-person view, allowing very specific location and behavioural control of your AI units

The Radial Menu is a toolkit that contains a number of powerful features and functions, leading to rapid mission adjustments.

Planning Mode enables you to take a wider view of the battlefield, allowing units to be placed via map, instead of via your first-person view.

High Command mode allows you to relegate units to reserve status, and then back into direct control, helping you to keep only relevant units under your direct control.


HUD Mode is the most direct way to control your AI assets while in-mission.

HUD mode can be accessed directly from your 1st or 3rd person view. You are able to assume the exact positions with the help of visible indicators, before sending your units to those positions.

This is especially useful when applied to multiple units, as the default A3 controls are likely to make AI behave irresponsibly when applied to multiple units. Adapt to your environment by shaping 6 formations to your desired outcome (description of controls below).

HUD mode enables you to move your units to the perfect spot AND take the formation of your choosing. It is also possible to control the unit’s stances (white indicator means „Auto“ stance).6 formations, quick access and full flexibility will get you to your desired result.

If the Enhanced Movement addon by Bad benson is running, an additional formation becomes available that you can use to make AI climb obstacles.

Additional Controls


[…] until unit 20.


Indicator Controls:

Change SpacingCtrl + MouseWheel
Change FormationShift + MouseWheel
Change StanceAlt + MouseWheel
Move, regularCtrl + RMB
Move, Forward PeelCtrl + Shift + RMB (can be overridden)
Move, Aussie Peel (very basic)Ctrl + Alt + RMB (can be overridden)


As of version 1.4, the indicator objects have a small arrow that indicates the direction your respective unit will be facing.

HUD Formations

In most cases, HUD mode formations will spread out the looking-directions of each unit. Line formations are spread over a 180 degree angle, L-formations over a 270-degree angle. The sectors for staggered columns are currently not worked out yet.

Adaptive / Environmental Snapping

HUD mode is extremely responsive to it‘s environment. Your selection indicators will snap to any object you point at, then try to align itself with it in a way that makes sense to you. The alignment system is currently shared by all objects, adjustments will be made in the future to filter out the best options. Tip: Rather than focusing on the indicators, put your attention on the middle of your screen (cross-hair position) to anticipate the indicators behaviour.

If you do not want the formation direction to change while hovering over the obstacle, hold down C2-ALT to maintain the current direction (not advised at the moment as it clashes with AUSSIE-PEEL keybind).

When dragged upon an enterable building, the visible indicators will snap to the available building positions. You can target different floors or the roof by pointing your weapon higher or lower at the building.

(This functionality only applies if the building model has the proper building positions and path-lods defined in it‘s configs. If you can not access the inside of a building, it means these configs have not been made. Note that buildings with and without configs may look very similar.)

Please note that if you want to distribute your units around the building outside, you can do so by pointing at the lower part of a wall (up to 1m above ground). It is important to note that not all building modes have building positions and path-lod‘s defined – those are a required for AI to access them in ArmA. If you can only distribute units outside, the building has no such configurations.

If the indicator formation is larger than your screen, you can lock the indicator‘s positions (default L-key) while maintaining control over spacing, rotation and formation style – this helps with placing wide spread, yet precise formations. Please note that in the current version, this feature is not 100% compatible with object snapped indicators.

Lastly, you can use your numpad buttons to get quick access to variants of the Line- and L-Formations. If no unit is selected beforehand, all units will be selected. You can also use the F16-F19 keys to quick select colour teams red/green/blue/yellow.

This feature is subject to change and since it may interfere with keybinds, it can be toggled on and off in the centre of the Radial-Menu.

Suppression / Remote 40mm

C2 offers a simple option for suppressive fire. Select unit/s in the default A3 selection, then press/hold the suppression hotkey (default T) and drag the indicator to your desired position. As of version 1.4, height is no longer controlled by the MouseWheel. Simply aim at your desired position, the indicator will pick up it‘s environment and stick to walls/buildings/etc.

Units providing suppressive fire will still react to other known targets that cause a threat. Heavy Vehicles should engage targets with appropriate weapon system.

Ordering a remote (40mm) grenade launch works just like suppression, but using your GTI-grenade key.(default H). The function becomes active once you have units selected (F-Keys or C2). Note that C2 will filter out a unit with a suitable weapon and vision on the target. So you can just select all units and give the order while C2 does the rest.

As of version 2.0, C2 contains a function to draw a VBS-style suppression firezone. Unit selection is based of your A3 group interface. If no unit is selected beforehand, all units will be selected.

To activate the overlay, hold SHIFT+T. While keeping the buttons pressed down, drag a rectangle over the desired area. When letting go of the keys, the units will engage the area.


C2 also offers a new in-game menu (default: TAB-Key). You can use this menu to apply features to your group‘s SELECTED UNITS. Hover over a field to show further selections.

Select Colour Teams

You can now add or deselect your color-teams on the fly by using the respective buttons in the middle of the menu.

Use your left mouse button to select/deselect units for usage with the menu (default A3) or use your right mouse button to select/deselect units for HUD mode. The purple button applies selection on all units.

The small numpad icon toggles the numpad controls on and off if you use these keys for other functions.


You can now better control the type of grenades in use via the Radial Menu.

While holding down TAB to keep the menu open, click on the desired grenade type, drag the indicators to the desired location and let go of the TAB key to make the throw. To cancel, click RMB. Supported Grenade addons are: ACE, RHS and SuperFlash.


Here we can easily define the rules of engagement of our AI assets.

FAW: Fire at will (default A3)

FOT: Fire On Target: Units will only engage issued targets. This is useful in stealth missions, where you can use this to prevent the AI from wildly engaging targets and blowing your cover. DO NOT FORGET YOU ISSUED THIS!

“Fire on my lead”: Units will hold fire until you fire your weapon. Also triggers 5 seconds after throwing a grenade.


LMB to refresh your group.

RMB to order units to follow you – this can be used to fix an A3 bug where units will not return to formation

Shift + LMB: Unstuck selected units (teleports unit to near empty space unless enemy within 200m has a line of sight).

AI Auto Functions

Auto-view: Snap units out of a forced looking direction

Auto stance: Change scripted stance to „auto“ – may have to press ~/7/9 to become effective

Find Cover (beta): Selected Units will try to find cover from enemy units

AI-Healing menu (supports ACE plus a variey of healing systems)

Re-Arm (beta): Selected units will rearm at objects/bodies within 50m. Currently only supports ammunition, switching weapons to be implemented.

For a macro of resetting view direction and stance, hit the brain-button

As of version 1.4.2, the radial menu also contains unit stances and the ability to disable a unit‘s auto-danger.

Quick Formation

You can define your squad formation easily through the radial interface.

As an alternative to the default A3 formation selection, you can access a visual menu to select your group‘s formation by holding down Ctrl+F and then clicking on your selection.


Planning mode adds a comprehensive overlay to the map that can be used to plan and execute very complex routes. Think of it as a ‘High Command’ that works on your squad level.

Use the buttons to select a unit, hold down shift to add or remove units to or from the selection. Waypoints are connected by blue lines on the interface and the main map. To toggle off the main-map lines and markers, set difficulty to ‘Veteran’ or ‘Elite’.

Planning mode is made up of three key elements:




You can control the units stance en route AND upon arrival. Further you can control the unit’s travelling speed and set an option to throw smoke grenades or suppress an area (Shift + LMB on smoke icon), per waypoint. Only foot soldiers and drivers are selectable on this page.

This page can be used for any acting AI-pilot, yet it‘s purpose is to be used with helicopters. You can control the height of flight (200m, 75m, 25m-default, 5m setting is to be used with extreme caution). Helicopters have 4 different waypoint types: Waypoint, Pickup, Dropoff and Full Landing. These can be changed on the fly (right click on marker, then choose from dropdown).

As of version 1.4.4, a third page is available to control High-Command units. This page can be used to manage disbanded groups or default HC-groups.

Ground Force Control


To place a waypoint, select your units and settings, click and hold down the left mouse button and drag the pop-up arrow to the position you want your units to observe.

Single unit waypoints and looking directions are fully flexible. Press LMB on marker and drag it to the desired position/effect.

Unit Pages:

As of version 1.4.1, planning mode supports an infinite amount of units by utilising unit-pages. Selections stay active over pages.

Formation Control:

If you have more than one unit selected, the little grey arrow in the controls turns green:

What happens now is abstract, but you will get the hang of it. Place a waypoint and drag the popup arrow to the desired looking direction. 

The first unit will take the exact position of the waypoint, but the other units are distributed over a line. The green formation arrow dictates how the line will be oriented, relating to the popup arrow. 

To understand this ‚macro‘ better, set waypoints that face north and change the formation formation arrow for each one. Pay attention to the difference in the last two images.

The last, somewhat split arrow (flex formation) is actually a bundled version of single waypoints to save you some time. Each map click will put down a waypoint for a single unit of the selection, cycling through the selected units one after another. The respective unit button is going to turn orange to assist coordination.


You can set a waypoint loop by holding down CTRL and dragging the mouse from the LATER waypoint to the EARLIER waypoint:


You can synchronise waypoints to achieve orchestrated manoeuvres such as compound raids, sweeps, patrols, insertions, extractions – the scale of which this happens on is entirely up to you.


You can also synchronise the waypoints of ground troops using Go-Codes, exactly as in ‘Door Kickers‘. Right click on the waypoint of a ground unit and select one of 4 available Go-Codes (A,B,C,D) from the context menu. Engaged go-code activators will pop up in the top right corner of the tablet.
The go-Code remains active for one second and only affects units who already reached the waypoint, meaning you can use the same go-Code over and over if you wish. If the goCode is activated before the unit reaches the waypoint, nothing will happen. Switch to „NONE“ to deactivate.

Building Support:

AI now also have access to enter-able buildings in planning mode. If you place a waypoint on a building, it will always default to ‘buildingposition 0‘. While you are pressing down LMB, the available building positions are displayed.

Blue/small icons mean ground level, green/medium means 2nd floor, large/yellow means above 2nd floor. Decide what building position the waypoint should be at and let go of LMB. Right click on the marker to open it‘s context menu and select the building position. As of version 2.0, the markers can also just be dragged and will snap to man-able building positions.

When applied to multiple units, they will be distributed over the building as long as there is enough space. Only the first unit will be able to change buildingPositions, so for detailed building clearing it is advised to use individual units.

Go-Codes also work in buildings, but the buildingPos selection will currently only work before activating a goCode (switch to „NONE“ enables it again).

The ‘TeamColour Buttons‘ can be used to quickly select/deselect the units of respective teams. To add selected units to a team colour, right-click on a unit button and select your colour.

Airforce Command – TBC

High Command

High Command / Reserve

You have an option to disband units to a Virtual Reserve. Selected units will form a new group while current orders are being converted into waypoints. Disbanded groups and HC-groups can be managed through page 3 of the planning tablet. You can rejoin all groups with the rejoin button. To rejoin individual groups, navigate to the HC-page of the tablet and right click on a group button, then select „rejoin“.

High Command Waypoint Menu with WP-actions

C2 gives you a powerful waypoint menu for HC-waypoints. While this menu is not yet complete, you can set conditions (timeout, goCode, dayTime) and formations. C2 introduces new waypoint actions, which essentially create a dynamic waypoint, give the group a behaviour routine and wait for a condition to be fulfilled. Current infantry actions are suppression and ambush, helicopters can also land and combat land. Combat landing is best used with a solid condition such as a goCode.

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